Roller Wash

The Roller Wash portable sink is the industry’s leading sink on wheels. This sink is designed with a built-in handle and non-marking rubber wheels so it can be tilted back and moved like a hand truck. It’s an ideal handwashing solution for several industries: agriculture, food service, government, and more.

The Roller Wash’s wheels and lightweight construction (only 85.7kg when full) enable it to be moved by one person, maneuvered into tight and hard-to-access spaces, and easy to store. It features an extra-large basin for full forearm immersion, soap and paper towel dispensers, and hands-free, foot-pump operation. The sink provides 300 uses on a single fill-up, and a drain hose is included for fast and hassle-free cleanout.

Common uses: When customers need a space-saving, effective handwashing solution that’s equipped with all of the essentials, roll with the roller wash!